Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 60: Bear Ridge to Vermillion Valley Resort

We woke early, eager to get to the ferry dock in time to catch the 9:45 ferry to Vermillion Valley Resort, where we planned to resupply and take a "near-o" day (near zero day). Despite dodging more downed trees, we made it down Bear Ridge's seemingly endless switchbacks and reached the Mono Creek bridge by 8. From there we took the side trail to the ferry dock (7,850 ft).

Several other hikers were already there, waiting. While Sierra and I made hot chocolate, three of the guys dove, launched canonballs, and did back flips from the dock into the cold lake water.  As we waited, more hikers joined us, including Desert Fox, Masa (a hiker from Japan), and Chris. Soon we spotted the ferry moving across the lake toward us.

The ferry whisked us away to Vermillion Valley Resort, where we enjoyed showers, clean laundry, and food. Lots of food. We ended the day full, relaxed, and happy.

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