The Continental Divide Trail is a national scenic trail stretching along the continental divide from the Mexican border in New Mexico to Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada.  At over 3,000 miles, it is the longest of the three national scenic trails that comprise the Triple Crown of hiking: the Pacific Crest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the Appalachian Trail.  It is also the wildest, less traveled and more remote, with many sections of the trail still unfinished.

Sierra became determined to hike the Continental Divide Trail ("CDT") while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012.  Although work and school commitments prevent us from thru-hiking the CDT, we are planning to hike the CDT in three long sections: (1) Spring Creek Pass, Colorado to Old Faithful Village, Wyoming in Yellowstone National Park (approximately 1,040 miles completed during summer 2014); (2) Old Faithful Village, Wyoming to Waterton Lakes, Alberta, Canada (approximately 1,020 miles completed during summer 2015); and (3) Crazy Cook, New Mexico on the Mexican border to Spring Creek Pass, Colorado (approximately 980 miles to be completed during summer 2016).  Of course, our plans are subject to change.

We know how helpful journals are for those who are planning a CDT hike or who are just interested in reading more about the trail, so we made this page to make it easier to link to our CDT journal entries.  The posts are divided into the following categories:  (1) Preparation; and (2) Trail Journals.

We posted information about our food and gear choices on static pages on the website.  Here are our other CDT related pre-hike posts:

Trail Journal 

Day 1: Spring Creek Pass to Saddle at 992.5
Day 2: Saddle to Cochetopa Creek
Day 3: Cochetopa Creek to Cow Camp at Mile 1022
Day 4: Cow Camp to Highway 114
Day 5: Highway 114 to Baldy Lake Junction
Day 6: Baldy Lake Junction to Hutchinson-Barnett Cabin
Day 7: Hutchinson-Barnett Cabin to Highway 50
Day 8: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Day 9: The Squeaky Hinge
Day 10: Monarch Pass to Hancock Lake Trailhead
Day 11: Hancock Lake Trailhead to High Camp Above Mirror Lake
Day 12: High Camp to Stream Near Lake Ann Pass
Day 13: Stream Near Lake Ann Pass to Camp Below Hope Pass
Day 14: Hope Pass to Mount Massive Trail
Day 15: Mount Massive Trail to Tennessee Creek
Day 16: Tennessee Creek to Highway 24 (Leadville!)
Day 17: Highway 24 to Copper Mountain
Day 18: Copper Mountain to Breckenridge
Day 19: Breckenridge to Ridge Before Georgia Pass
Day 20: Georgia Pass to Peru Creek
Day 21: Peru Creek to Grays and Torrey's Peaks to Trailhead
Day 22: Gray's Peak Trailhead to Camp Near Vasquez Peak
Day 23: Vasquez Peak to Berthoud Pass (Highway 40)
Day 24: Berthoud Pass to Rodger's Pass
Day 25: Rodger's Pass to Old Cabin
Day 26: Old Cabin to Grand Lake
Day 27: Wandering the Wild with Friends
Day 28: Grand Lake to Green Mountain Trailhead
Day 29: Green Mountain Trailhead to Willow Pass
Day 30: Willow Pass to Arapahoe Ridge
Day 31: Araphoe Ridge to Colorado Highway 14 
Day 32: Colorado Highway 14 to Rabbit Ears Pass (Steamboat Springs) 
Day 33: Rabbit Ears Pass to Ridge Above Luna Lake 
Day 34: Ridge Above Luna Lake to Trail Creek Camp 
Day 35: Trail Creek Camp, CO to Green Mountain Junction, WY 

Day 36: Green Mountain Junction to Mismarked Road Crossing 
Day 37: Road Crossing to Muddy Creek 
Day 38: Muddy Creek to Rim Lake 
Day 39: Rim Lake to Highway 287 Near Fish Pond Reservoir 
Day 40: Highway 287 to A&M Reservoir 
Day 41: A&M Reservoir to Hills Above Bison Basin Road 
Day 42: Bison Basin Road to Three Forks Road 
Day 43: Three Forks Road to Highway 28 (Lander) 
Day 44: Highway 28 to Knoll Overlooking Sweetwater Creek 
Day 45: Knoll to Big Sandy Campground 
Day 46: Big Sandy Campground to Pipestone Lakes 
Day 47: Pipestone Lakes to Upper Jean Lake 
Day 48: Upper Jean Lake to Green River Lake Campground 
Day 49: Green River Lake Campground to Trailside Camp (Mile 1,892) 
Day 50: A Day Without GPS 
Day 51: Forest Service Road to Brooks Lake Campground (Dubois) 
Day 52: Brooks Lake Campground to Rocky Meadow (Mile 1,942) 
Day 53: Rocky Meadow to Mink Creek 
Day 54: Mink Creek to Beaver Creek 
Day 55: Beaver Creek to Firehole Creek 
Day 56: Firehole Creek to Old Faithful 


Day 31: Bison Mountain to MacDonald Pass (Helena, MT)
Day 32: The Big Dipper (Helena Zero Day) 
Day 33: MacDonald Pass to Trailside Camp (Mile 2,684) 
Day 34: Trailside Camp to Ridge Above Stemple Pass 
Day 35: Stemple Pass to Ridge Above Rogers Pass 
Day 36: Ridge Above Rogers Pass to Dry Lake 
Day 37: Dry Lake to Straight Creek 
Day 38: Straight Creek to Benchmark Trailhead (Augusta) 
Day 39: Benchmark Trailhead to Spring Below Chinese Wall
Day 40: Spring Below Chinese Wall to Red Shale Side Creek (Mile 2,836)
Day 41: Red Shale Side Creek to Fools Creek
Day 42: Fools Creek to Beaver Lake
Day 43: Beaver Lake to Two Medicine Creek
Day 44: Two Medicine Creek to Marias Pass
Day 45: Marias Pass to Two Medicine, Glacier National Park
Day 46: Two Medicine to Cut Bank Creek Campground
Day 47: Cut Bank Creek Campground to Two Sisters Cafe (St. Mary's)
Day 48: Two Sisters Cafe to Many Glacier
Day 49: Many Glacier to Granite Park
Day 50: Granite Park to Waterton River Camp
Day 51: Waterton River to Waterton Lakes, Alberta, CANADA!

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