PCT 2012

Welcome to our PCT journal!  We are a mother and daughter team who successfully thru-hiked the 2,665 mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada in 2012, starting at the Mexican border on April 22 and finishing in Manning Park, British Columbia, Canada on September 23.  Sierra (aka Monkey) celebrated several unique miletones along the way, finishing third grade, celebrating her ninth birthday, and starting fourth grade all on the trail.  On September 23, 2012, she became the youngest person on record to have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail.

We know how helpful journals are for those who are planning a PCT hike or who are just interested in reading more about the trail, so we made this page to make it easier to link to our PCT journal entries as we continue to post about our other hikes.  We've divided the posts into three categories:  (1) Preparation; (2) Trail Journal; and (3) Post Hike.

We posted information about our food and gear choices on static pages on the website.  Here are our other PCT related pre-hike posts:
Ready to Begin

We also used our "zero days" to post other trail related information, such as (1) how Sierra continued her schooling on the trail; (2) maps, guidebooks, and GPS; (3) zero days and others.

Trail Journal

Southern California: Campo to Kennedy Meadows
Day 1: Campo to Lake Morena
Day 2: Lake Morena to Long Canyon
Day 3: Long Canyon to Pioneer Mail Trailhead
Day 4: Pioneer Mail Trailhead to Rodriguez Water Tank
Day 5: Rodriguez Water Tank to Scissors Crossing
Day 6: Scissors Crossing to Barrel Spring
Day 7: The Annual Day Zero PCT Kickoff
Day 8: Barrel Spring to Agua Caliente
Day 9: Agua Caliente Creek to Tule Canyon
Day 10: Tule Canyon to Knoll on Table Mountain
Day 11: Table Mountain to Balcony Near Lion Peak
Day 12: Lion Peak to Gap on San Jacinto Crest
Day 13: San Jacinto Crest to Deer Springs
Day 14: Deer Springs to Snow Creek
Day 15: The Pacific Crest Trail Academy
Day 16: Snow Creek to Whitewater Preserve
Day 17: Whitewater Preserve to Mission Creek
Day 18: Mission Creek to Mission Creek Trail Camp
Day 19: Mission Creek Trail Camp to Arrastre Trail Camp
Day 20: Arrastre Trail Camp to Big Bear City
Day 21: How We Stay Found on the PCT
Day 22: Big Bear City to Little Bear Springs Trail Camp
Day 23: Little Bear Springs Trail Camp to Willow Creek
Day 24: Willow Creek to Near Highway 173
Day 25: Near Highway 173 to Cajon Pass
Day 26: Cajon Pass to Sheep Creek Truck Road
Day 27: Sheep Creek Truck Road to Highway 2
Day 28: Zero Days
Day 29: Highway 2 to Islip Saddle
Day 30: Islip Saddle to Burkhart Saddle
Day 31: Burkhart Saddle to Sulpher Springs Camp
Day 32: Sulpher Springs Camp to Messenger Flats Campground
Day 33: Messenger Flats Campground to Acton KOA
Day 34: Acton KOA to Agua Dulce Hills
Day 35: Agua Dulce Hills to San Francisquito Canyon
Day 36: San Francisquito Canyon to Sawmill Campground
Day 37: Sawmill Campground to Highway 138
Day 38: Highway 138 to Windmill Farm
Day 39: Windmill Farm to Oak Creek
Day 40: Oak Creek to Highway 58 (Tehachapi Pass)
Day 41: Thank you!
Day 42: Highway 58 to Ridge Beyond Golden Oak Springs
Day 43: Ridge to Landers Creek
Day 44: Landers Creek to Bird Spring Pass
Day 45: Bird Spring Pass to Walker Pass
Day 46: Walker Pass to Spanish Needle Creek
Day 47: Spanish Needle Creek to Long Valley Loop Road
Day 48: Long Valley to Kennedy Meadows

The Sierra Nevada Mountains: Kennedy Meadows to Sierra City
Day 49: Kennedy Meadows to Cow Creek
Day 50: Cow Creek to Ridge Above Death Canyon
Day 51: Above Death Canyon to Rock Creek
Day 52: Rock Creek to Crabtree Meadows and Mount Whitney
Day 53: Crabtree Meadows to Upper Tyndall Basin
Day 54: Upper Tyndall Basin to Glen Pass
Day 55: Glen Pass to Pinchot Pass
Day 56: Pinchot Pass to Upper Palisades Lakes
Day 57: Upper Palisades Lakes to Ridge Below Helen Lake
Day 58: Ridge Below Helen Lake to South Fork San Joaquin River
Day 59: South Fork San Joaquin River to Bear Ridge
Day 60: Bear Ridge to Vermillion Valley Resort
Day 61: Vermillion Valley Resort to Virginia Lake
Day 62: Virginia Lake to Red's Meadow
Day 63: Red's Meadow to Rush Creek
Day 64: Rush Creek to Tuolumne Meadows
Day 65: Tuolumne Meadows to Miller Lake
Day 66: Miller Lake to Kerrick Canyon
Day 67: Kerrick Canyon to Dorothy Lake
Day 68: Dorothy Lake to Sonora Pass
Day 69: Sonora Pass to Boulder Creek
Day 70: Boulder Creek to Ebbett's Pass
Day 71: Northern Inyo Hospital
Day 72: Zero Day
Day 73: Mammoth Sierra Park Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Therapy ("SPORT") Center
Day 74: Ebbett's Pass to Raymond Lake Creek
Day 75: Raymond Lake Creek to Upper Truckee River
Day 76: Upper Truckee River to Tamarack Lake
Day 77: Tamarack Lake to Ridge Above Lake Tahoe
Day 78: Ridge to Tevis Cup Trail
Day 79: Tevis Cup Trail to Castle Canyon
Day 80: Castle Canyon to Creekside Camp
Day 81: Creekside Camp to Sierra City

Northern California: Sierra City to Oregon Border
Day 82: Sierra City to Oakland Pond
Day 83: Oakland Pond to Bunker Hill Ridge
Day 84: Bunker Hill Ridge to Bear Creek
Day 85: Bear Creek to Spanish Peak Ridge
Day 86: Spanish Peak Ridge to Belden
Day 87: Belden to Frog Springs
Day 88: Frog Springs to Butt Mountain Ridge
Day 89: Butt Mountain Ridge to North Fork Feather River
Day 90: North Fork Feather River to Warner Valley Campground (Drakesbad Guest Ranch)
Day 91: Happy Birthday Sierra!
Day 92: Warner Valley to Plantation Road
Day 93: Pantation Road to Cache 22
Day 94: Cache 22 to Rim of the Lake
Day 95: Rim of the Lake to Ridge
Day 96: Ridge to Grizzly Peak Ridge
Day 97: Grizzly Peak Ridge to Saddle Above Squaw Valley Creek
Day 98: Saddle Above Squaw Valley Creek to Castella
Day 99: Castella to Castle Crags Cliff
Day 100: Castle Crags Cliff to Dead Fall Lakes
Day 101: Dead Fall Lakes to Rocky Knoll
Day 102: Rocky Knoll to Carter Meadows Summit
Day 103: Carter Meadows Summit to Etna
Day 104: Etna to Shackleford Creek Saddle
Day 105: Shackleford Creek Saddle to Cold Springs Creek
Day 106: Cold Springs Creek to Seiad Valley
Day 107: Seiad Valley to Bear Dog Spring
Day 108: Bear Dog Spring, CA to Sheep Camp Spring, OR

Day 109: Sheep Camp Spring to Highway 99
Day 110: Highway 99 to Green Springs Summit
Day 111: Zero Day in Ashland
Day 112: Green Springs Summit to Road 2520
Day 113: Road 2520 to Mt. McLaughlin Ridge
Day 114: Mt. McLaughlin Ridge to Seven Mile Trail
Day 115: Seven Mile Trail to Highway 62
Day 116: Highway 62 to Near Crater Lake National Park Boundary
Day 117: Near Crater Lake National Park Boundary to Maidu Lake
Day 118: Maidu Lake to Timpanogas Lake
Day 119: Timpanogas Lake to Shelter Cove Resort
Day 120: Shelter Cove Resort to Lily Lake Trail
Day 121: Lily Lake Trail to Dumbbell Lake
Day 122: Dumbbell Lake to Middle Sister's Shoulder
Day 123: Middle Sister's Shoulder to Highway 242
Day 124: Highway 242 to Santiam Lake Trail
Day 125: Santiam Lake Trail to Shale Lake
Day 126: Shale Lake to Ollalie Lake
Day 127: Ollalie Lake to Red Wolf Pass
Day 128: Red Wolf Pass to Barlow Pass
Day 129: Barlow Pass to Lolo Pass
Day 130: Lolo Pass to Cascade Locks

Day 131: Cascade Locks, OR to Three Corner Ridge, WA
Day 132: Three Corner Ridge to Panther Creek
Day 133: Panther Creek to Blue Lake Ridge
Day 134: Blue Lake Ridge to Creek by Road 23
Day 135: Road 23 to Lava Spring
Day 136: Lava Spring to Cispus River
Day 137: Cispus River to White Pass
Day 138: White Pass to Mount Rainier National Park
Day 139: Mount Rainier National Park to Big Crow Basin
Day 140: Big Crow Basin to Ridge Near Road 784
Day 141: Ridge Near Road 784 to Mirror Lake
Day 142: Mirror Lake to Snoqualmie Pass
Day 143: Snoqualmie Pass to Park Lakes Basin
Day 144: Park Lakes Basin to Waptus River
Day 145: Waptus River to Glacier Lake
Day 146: Glacier Lake to Steven's Pass
Day 147: Steven's Pass to Boulder Field Near Crest
Day 148: Boulder Field to Red Pass
Day 149: Red Pass to Ridge Above Milk Creek
Day 150: Milk Creek Ridge to North of Suiattle Pass
Day 151: North of Suiattle Pass to Stehekin
Day 152: Stehekin to Rainy Pass
Day 153: Rainy Pass to Spring Near Tatie Peak
Day 154: Spring Near Tatie Peak to Spring Near Crest
Day 155: Spring Near Crest to Manning Park, B.C., CANADA!!!!

Post Hike

Post Hike: Eagle Creek Alternate Route
tHInK outsidE Interviews Sierra
Weathering the Storm
Kennedy Meadows Redux
Gear Review: ULA Catalyst and Kid's Circuit Packs


  1. I am impressed by the young one and proud! I am having a great time reading the post in the blog about the Pacific Crest Trail... I start my journey this spring 2014 and hope to one day journey with my sons on a thru hike. Congrats and God bless...

  2. Hello, Sierra and Monkey -- congrats on a fantastic hike!

    I hike regularly with my two daughters, now ages 8 and 10. We hiked the Camino de Santiago this year to raise $10K for women's charities. Next year, 2014, we plan to hike the John Muir Trail to raise money for Feeding America.

    I'd like to reference your blog on my own blogs, www.trishalexsage.com and www.girlsonthewayjmt.blogspot.com. Is it okay with you if I do that? Wanted to ask before referring to your site.

    Patricia Ellis Herr
    author of UP: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure