Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 146: Glacier Lake to Stevens Pass

Bzzzzz bzzzz bzzzzz! We woke to the incessant buzz of a swarm of hungry mosquitoes circling our heads. Highly motivated, we packed up quickly and began hiking.

From Glacier Lake we climbed steeply up to Trap Pass (5,800 ft). We often joke that the PCT trail builders must have been paid by the mile, as the trail often takes circuitous routes and uses switchbacks so gradual that they sometimes gain elevation when they are supposed to be going downhill. But whoever built the trail to Trap Pass was definitely not paid by the mile. The steep switchbacks left the distinct impression that the trail builders there had been paid by the vertical foot!

From the top of the pass we had excellent views of the colorful mountains on either side, simultaneously blanketed with spring wildflowers and autumn colors on the huckleberry bushes and shrubs. Descending from the pass, spiderwebs crossed the trail. I brushed past web after web until my arms felt coated with sticky thread.

We passed several beautiful lakes: Hope Lake, Mig Lake, and Lake Susan Jane. Just after Lake Susan Jane we were passed by Action and Minor, the first PCT hikers we had seen for days. Action and I laughed about how the last time we had seen each other it was around mile 200. Now we meet again with 200 miles left to go!

We climbed to the top of the ridge, then descended underneath the Stevens Pass chairlifts on the other side. Sierra and I were still marveling at the lights (night skiing!!!) when we reached the trailhead parking lot (4,060 ft). Time for resupply, rest, and relaxation before we hike out again tomorrow.

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