Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Continental Divide Trail Revisited

Last summer Sierra and I hiked just over 1,000 miles on the Continental Divide Trail from Spring Creek Pass, Colorado to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.  The Continental Divide Trail is wild, remote, challenging, and unpredictable .... the perfect place for an adventure.  We loved it!

This summer, we will be returning to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park to continue where we left off.  We hope to hike another 1,000 miles through Montana to the northern terminus of the Continental Divide Trail at Waterton Lakes Park in Alberta, Canada.  Along the way we will pass through Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, including the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park.  This is new territory for us, and we are excited!  Just a few more weeks ...

Want more information about the Continental Divide Trail?  Check out the Continental Divide Trail Coalition website or The Trail Unites Us, a super-helpful website that compiles links to maps, guides, CDT journals, and other planning resources.

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