Friday, January 27, 2012

Sierra Hits 40!

40 days on the snow already this season and January isn't even over yet! Through the man-made crust of November, the ice and rocks of December, and now, finally, the stormy weather and fresh powder of January, Sierra kept skiing.

With the fresh snow from last weekend's storm, the Tamarack Gliders kids cross-country ski program has finally begun.  Although parents are welcome to ski along with the kids, neither Jeff nor I could make it Friday so Sierra got a ride up to Mammoth with another Bishop family.  By the time I arrived at Tamarack to pick her up, many of the kids were back in, but Sierra was nowhere in sight. 

Looking up the hill, I spotted a group of adventurous kids attempting to ski off-piste on a steep, powdery side slope.  Somehow, I knew Sierra would be in that group.  Sure enough, as I watched the group ski, roll, and laugh their way down the slope, I spotted Sierra's ski team jacket and black knit brimmed ski cap.  With their skinny cross-country skis acting like submarines in the powder, it took the kids some time to make it down to the groomed trail.  But once in the smooth groomed tracks, they were soon back to the yurt, enjoying hot chocolate and cookies. 

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