Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Day!

Sierra woke to the sound of her father screaming "Woo hoo!". Sprinting out of bed, Sierra ran into the family room, thinking her father had been bitten by a black widow. When she learned that school was canceled for the day due to snow, she joined her father in the powder day dance.

Mammoth locals always marvel at how the kids can't make it to school when it is snowing, and yet they all manage to make it to the mountain by the time the lifts open. I wish I could say that we were at Mammoth by the time the lifts were open, but the drive was very slow going because none of the Bishop roads were plowed yet and the highway was treacherous. Nevertheless we eventually found our way safely to Mammoth and were soon on the snow enjoying fresh powder.

Before Sierra joined in Mammoth ski team, Jeff and I were fair weather skiers. If the forecast called for snow or blow, we stayed home. But since Sierra joined the ski team three years ago, she has been determined not to miss a day of training.  Thus, Jeff and I were introduced to the joys of skiing on stormy powder days.

Our favorite stormy day ski runs are in the trees, where one can always find shelter from the wind and seemingly endless untracked powder.  Although this was Sierra's 39th day on the snow this season, most of those days have been logged on manmade snow, hardpack, and ice.  As the day progressed, Sierra regained her "powder legs" and enjoyed our forays into steeper sections of trees.  The snow continued throughout the day, filling in our tracks until it was time to head home.

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