Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 27: Sheep Creek Truck Road to Highway 2

A thick fog settled over our ridge in the night. We woke to damp sleeping bags and gear. Another PCT hiker passed our camp in the middle of the night, hiking by headlamp, perhaps trying to avoid the heat of the day or perhaps wanting to reach Wrightwood (the next resupply) by morning.

Today's route continued to climb. And climb. And climb. But the fog brought cooler temperatures, and we were compensated for our efforts with incredible views of the surrounding hills and the foggy desert floor.

Most of the trees we otherwise would have encountered this morning were destroyed in the Sheep Fire. But as we climbed higher we passed through a tunnel of oak trees and then entered a pine and fir forest. We stopped for lunch on a breezy ridge, using gnarled tree roots for chairs.  Unfortunately when we left this scenic spot, Sierra's purple titanium Snow Peak mug was left behind.

We reached the Mountain High ski resort in late afternoon. The open, grassy slopes and abandoned chair lifts suggested that the resort had been closed for the season some time ago.

Stopping for a moment to look at the ski trail map sign, I noticed Highway 2, the Angeles Crest Highway down below. Our steps quickened as we thought of the Mile High Pizza waiting for us in the nearby trail town of Wrightwood, and we soon made it to the trailhead. And the verdict on Mile High Pizza? Worth hiking 369 miles for!

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  1. Hi, I have a weekend cabin in Wrightwood, and one of the locals forward the link to your blog. I bicycled across the US about ten years ago, but your adventure is much more of a challenge. Enjoy, you will both remember the experience for the rest of your life!