Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 28: Zero Days

A zero day is a day that you hike zero miles on the PCT, usually a rest day. Zero days are most often taken in trail towns, to facilitate resupplies. But zero days in town usually involve chores such as laundry and grocery shopping, so many hikers report that their most relaxing zero days have been those taken on the trail.

Our first priority when we reached the trail town of Wrightwood was, as you know, food: a large pizza and salad at Mile High Pizza. Delicious! But what else do hikers do on zero days?

Resupply: Many hikers send boxes of food and other supplies ahead to various trail towns along the way. Other hikers choose to buy most of their food and supplies in trail towns along the way. Regardless of resupply strategy, most hikers usually end up at the grocery store for fresh food. Trips to other stores to replace worn out gear (we are both on our second pairs of shoes) are also sometimes necessary.

Laundry: Most trail towns have laundry facilities, whether at a laundromat, hotel, or campground. Some places, such as the Big Bear Hostel, even offer loaner clothing for hikers to wear while doing their laundry. Where loaner clothing is not available, it is not uncommon to find hikers wearing rain gear in town, even in the sweltering heat, while their hiking clothes are being washed.

Recharge: Both human bodies and electronic devices need time to recharge. Zero days in town offer hikers the opportunity to charge any electronics. Hikers also recharge their own bodies with lots of fresh food, cold liquids, and rest.

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  1. Could you share how you are updating your blog? Your adventures will bring a lifetime of memories for both of you.