Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 115: Seven Mile Junction to Highway 62

We were both tired when we woke, but anxious to get to "town" (Mazama Village at Crater Lake). The trail continued to descend, crossing the stagnant series of ponds formerly known as Honeymoon Creek. The fragrant scent of fresh blueberries filled the air as we hiked, probably from nearby huckleberry bushes.

Climbing again, we passed through a ghost forest, with tall, bare, blackened tree trunks that seemed to reach for the sky. A scattering of grass and wildflowers slowly began to cover the charred landscape between the trees.

Eventually we passed into a mixed fir forest with a host of young trees crowding around a few taller ones. A while later we spotted a red cinder cone, partially covered with trees. Soon after we passed a metal sign welcoming us to Crater Lake National Park.

Even after we reached the highway, we still had over a mile of road walking to reach the Mazama Village store and campground. Our friend Connie, aka Crazy Ukulady (she often carries a ukulele while backpacking), was waiting for us at the store, and Splat, a section hiker, had graciously offered to share her campsite.

We picked up Sierra's new shoes (her sixth pair on this trip) and sorted through our ample resupply box.  We donated our extra supplies to the "hiker box," where they were quickly picked up by other hikers who needed them. Then we headed over to the restaurant for dinner.

Splat was reading by citronella candlelight when we returned. We enjoyed Connie's ukulele for a time, then headed to bed.

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