Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 42: Above Bison Basin Road to Three Forks Road

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you, 
Happy birthday dear Sierra,
Happy birthday to you!"

We started our day by singing happy birthday to Sierra, who turned 11 today. Although we would have liked to have reached town for Sierra's birthday, it was not to be. So we shouldered our packs and continued trudging through the Basin. On the bright side, our CDT route followed a dirt 4WD road, so Jeff was able to meet us frequently with cold drinks. 

By mid afternoon we noticed the tall, rugged mountains of the Wind River Range come slowly into view. Slowly but surely, we are reaching the end of the hot, dry Great Divide Basin. 

We stopped hiking at the Three Forks Road junction, and Jeff took us to a nearby campsite by a small pond. Antelope grazed on the other side of the pond, but darted away when we approached. Several more antelope paced nervously on the ridge, calling out their displeasure at our proximity to their pond. Later in the evening a band of wild horses with a young foal approached. 

We celebrated Sierra's birthday with cupcakes, and then turned in for an early night, hoping the animals would come drink as we slept. 


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