Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 48: Upper Jean Lake to Green River Lake Campground

A thin layer of ice covered the icy pools of snowmelt in the trail. Our feet left no impression as we crunched across snowfields hard frozen overnight. The mountains, which rose up in the lake basin like the walls of a majestic cathedral, blocked the early morning sun. 

We climbed into another beautiful lake basin, the mountains lit with golden sunlight and reflected in the calm waters of sapphire blue lakes. Meadows carpeted the rocky basin floor, with wildflowers sprinkled throughout. 

Water roared liked thunder just ahead on the trail as torrents of water pounded over rocks. Elbow Creek. Our next crossing. But before the rapids came into view, I could smell the treated wood that could only mean one thing: a rare wooden bridge. 

Afternoon brought us to Green River. Moving in to get a closer view, a boulder rolled beneath my feet and I toppled over, landing heavily on my back.  Later I fell again when my foot slipped on wet, mossy stone during a creek crossing. Bruised and battered, we continued on down the trail, looking back frequently to admire Square Mountain and the other high peaks that guard over the Green River. 

My parents met us at the Green River Lake Campground with pizza, salad, and ice cream. Delicious!  

The camp hostess stopped by the visit and to warn us that grizzlies are active in the area, killing at least 25 cows belonging to a local rancher. We will be carrying bear spray as we continue our way north through grizzly country. 

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