Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 14: Lemhi Pass to Ridge Near Goldstone Pass

A loud buzzing surrounded us, as though we had stuck our heads inside a working hive. Swarms of bees flitted from one wildflower to the next. 

My ULA Catalyst is almost bursting at the seams, overstuffed with a 5-6 day resupply for two (the solo hiker's equivalent of 10-12 days of food!).  Hefting my pack, I wonder, as I so often do for the day or two after a resupply, how can we possibly eat all that food?!  And yet, time and again, we do. 

Most hikers find teeth along the trail, stuck in the jawbones of animal skeletons left behind by predators or hunters. But Sierra lost a tooth as she hiked along this afternoon!  Moments later we looked up to find a young male moose watching us curiously as we packed away her tooth. 

We found a sheltered campsite on the ridge and retreated into our tent just as it began to sprinkle. 

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