Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 3: Forest Road to Ridge (West Yellowstone)

With just five miles to Targhee Pass, we reached the trailhead quickly. We rode into the town of West Yellowstone to resupply with an early morning mountain biker. 

After cleaning up at a campground in town and taking care of our resupply, we headed over to the Running Bear Pancake House, where swarms of hungry runners, race finishing medals still clanging around their necks, waited outside. Apparently we inadvertently timed our visit to West Yellowstone with the West Yellowstone Half Marathon!  It was lunchtime by the time we finally received our late breakfast, but we didn't care. The food was delicious!

Just before catching a ride out of town, we picked up two croissant sandwiches at the Woodside Bakery for a delicious, portable dinner we could eat while we hiked.  Amazing!

The trail followed a ridge up over 9,000 feet, with steep rocky cliffs on one side and meadows filled with wildflowers on the other. We camped on the ridge overlooking the cliffs and the beautiful valley below. From the  shelter of our tent we watched the sunset, lighting the cliffs with beautiful golds and pinks.  As dark clouds slowly closed in, we drifted off to sleep, hoping for a storm-free night. 


  1. Look who's getting almost as tall as Mama Bear. Won't be long!

    1. I know, right?! Seems like it is happening overnight.