Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 3: Little Hatchet Mountains Road to NM 113

Bullet holes mark anything that will stand still long enough to be shot, from the CDT signs along the 4WD track to the prickly pear cactus.  But there is a rugged beauty to the desert landscape. We admire the surrounding hills and appreciate the fresh blooms on the yucca near the trail. 

We reached a water tank by early afternoon. Initially lured in by the grassy shade, we soon discovered a spigot with cool water. We moistened our hats and made lukewarm tea, which tasted positively icy in comparison to the temperature of the much warmer water in our packs. 

With no other humans in sight, we share our trail with the jackrabbits and antelope, which quickly bound away as we approach. A long abandoned bicycle along the trail piques our curiosity, but we find no other clues as to its rider. 

We again decide to call it a day early, as the heat reaches zenith, and quickly turn to the task of trying to replace all the fluids and calories we consume hiking in this desert heat. 

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