Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 8: Second Crossing to Silver City

Roadwalking. Hard, rocky chip and seal pounding against our feet. Heat radiating off the pavement. The heavy stench of roadkill. 

But the CDT is still a work in progress. Currently, miles of the CDT are routed along existing roads. The trail changes each year as new sections of trail are built and new easements are negotiated. Things change so quickly that the CDT GPS app I downloaded several months ago is already out of date due to a new section of trail opening up in this area. 

In the meantime, we are trying to make the most of our road walks, enjoying the unusual sights we would not notice if we were passing through at highway speeds. Lavender thistles, bright yellow daisies, and other wildflowers. A long driveway lined with abandoned toilets, reminding me a little of a scene from The Help. And, of course, easy access to cold drinks and snacks.  Mango Slush Puppie anyone?

I duck into a gas station mini mart to pick up some icy sodas. Glancing into the first cup, I notice countless tiny ant corpses. The lady at the counter confirms that the machine is infected. Disgusted, I walk out. We chat with a free spirited hobo for a few minutes before heading across the street to the Visitors Center to find a shady spot for lunch. 

"Hey kids!"  I turned to see an officious looking man glaring down at us. "Are you from around here?" "No," I replied. "Oh, I thought you were from here," he insisted, eyeing us warily as if he thought we were a pair of teenaged troublemakers. "No, we're not," I repeated. After another moment, he walked away, his tangle of keys jangling with every step. But the woman inside the Visitors Center was super friendly and accommodating, making it clear that despite our earlier encounter, hikers are welcome in her town. 

We finished our roadwalk, then went back into town to resupply and, of course, eat ice cream. 

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  1. The soda machine, that's disgusting! Just when an icy beverage sounds so delightful.

    Those pink flowers are gorgeous!