Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 9: The Squeaky Hinge

Even after another day of rest, my ankle still sounds and feels like a rusty, squeaky door hinge. But the swelling has gone down, and it is time to hike on. Salida is a great town, but if we stay here any longer we'll have to buy a house here!

Once again, I left the room only for dinner. Tonight's destination?  Moonlight Pizza, a delicious pizza restaurant that makes everything from scratch, from the pizzas to the sodas and other beverages to the salad dressing. Another amazing meal (yes, it easily rivals the more upscale Amica's), with plenty of leftovers to carry on the trail tomorrow. 

After dinner we headed to the riverfront park, where Sierra enjoyed the swings and a great climbing wall. The last time we visited Salida, the river lazily meandered through town and small children floated down the river on innertubes. Now torrents of fresh snowmelt water gush down the river, and kayakers play in whitewater rapids right next to the park. 

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