Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 16: Hamby Creek to Twin Lakes Junction

Clean, warm, dry socks are a luxury in the hiking world. Although our shoes were still damp, we slipped on dry socks to take the edge off the painful chill of sliding feet into damp shoes. It was a mistake. 

Dew covered the tall grass in the meadow surrounding Hamby Creek, soaking our feet before we even reached the crossing. And with no bridge or log nearby, we had no choice but to wade on in. 

By the time we reached Miner Lakes Trailhead, we were sorely tempted to head down the road for a nice long soak in the hot springs near Jackson Lodge. But no cars were waiting to whisk us away to the comforts of hot springs and town food, and we hiked on.

Rock Island Lakes are beautiful green jewels, nestled high in the mountains. We climbed above them, over one rocky, snowy pass after another. We stopped occasionally to cool ourselves, dipping hats and shirts in the icy, snowmelt creek that paralleled the trail. 

Sierra's shoes, a brand-new pair of Brooks Cascadias, began falling apart just over 100 miles into our hike. The uppers tore apart at the flex point, leaving gaping holes in the shoes. Today, those holes connected, ripping across the top of the shoe until Sierra's toes poked out. With no way to repair the shoes in the field, Sierra will have to hike like that for three more days. 

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  1. Brooks has some explaining to do, that's just not right!