Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 19: Toaster House to High Country Alpaca Ranch

The rooster alerted us it was time to hike. Wordlessly, we packed up and tiptoed downstairs, slipping out and back on the trail while the bikers slept on. 

Trail?  Today's "trail" consisted of a roadwalk, our feet pounding against the hard dried mud of a dirt road. Eventually, when the trail is completed, this 50 mile roadwalk will no longer be necessary. Of course, the trail will no longer pass through Pie Town then either, and I, for one, think that is a shame. Will future hikers choose to hitch into Pie Town on the promise of a slice of the Pie Lady's delicious pie and Nita's famed hospitality?  I hope so. Pie Town is a treasure.

Our goal for the day was the High Country Alpaca Ranch, thirty miles away. We easily completed our 10x10 (10 miles by 10 in the morning), which most hikers consider essential to completing a 30 mile day. Road miles, although somewhat monotonous and hard on your feet, make for easy walking. 

After 23 miles of dirt road (23 miles that, incidentally, took us 20 miles farther from our next resupply), we turned onto an old paved highway with a narrow shoulder. New Mexico drivers, although speedy, are very polite. They all gave us a wave and a wide berth, except for the few who pulled over to make sure we were okay or to ask if we needed anything. 

Carolyn, John, and granddaughter Harmony greeted us at the High Country Alpaca Ranch and welcomed us to camp anywhere on their property. They told us all about the animals, and their sweet, beautiful alpacas quickly stole our hearts. We got cold drinks at their small store, and found a nice camp nestled under a canopy of pinyon pines. 

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