Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 39: Silver Pass to Wolf Creek Pass (South Fork Nearo)

Food. Showers. Even at the end of a section as beautiful as the southern San Juans, it is impossible to stave off the excitement of heading into town for real food, showers, and a fresh resupply. With only a handful of miles left to Wolf Creek Pass, we did not have long to wait. 

An abandoned red snow plow signaled that we had passed the Wolf Creek Ski Area boundary. Several groups of day hikers crowded their way to the ridge, most headed to see the view from nearby Mount Alberta. Although we admired the colorful flowers and the spectacular views, we were on a mission. 

Soon we were piled into a pickup truck, speeding toward the tiny town of South Fork. On the other side of the pass lay Pagosa Springs, a larger town with more services for hikers who might need them. But for us, the quiet, friendly town of South Fork worked just fine. 

Ramon's, the Mexican restaurant, provided excellent service and a delicious dinner. We topped it off with a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and settled in for a relaxing evening. 

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