Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 27: Bear's Mouth to La Ventana Mesa

The wind storm raged all night. Strong winds buffeted the tent from all directions, covering everything with a thin layer of sand. We slept little, checking our watches frequently to count the hours until daylight. 

We quickly dropped back into the desert, a new, high desert with sculpted sandstone, deep, dry arroyos, hardy junipers, and prolific cacti. Collared lizards sunned themselves on rock cairns, several a bright lemon yellow and one a muted turquoise green. 

With the usual water sources dry, we were excited to discover the first of several water caches left by the Trujillo family. We would pass by two well-stocked water caches over the course of the day, both courtesy of the Trujillo family. 

A coyote casually loped along the trail. We climbed and descended, then climbed some more, ending the day on top of the La Ventana Mesa. The glowing red orb of the sun set to the west, leaving us with a sky full of stars. 

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