Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 25: We're Lovin' It (Butte, MT Zero)

Park & Main Cafe in Butte is amazing!  French toast made from thick slabs of delicious Great Harvest cinnamon swirl bread. Crispy hashbrowns and potatoes. Light, airy frittatas. Tasty coffee and espresso drinks. A great way to start the day. 

After organizing our resupply, we discovered that the hotel wifi didn't work. Frustrated, we headed to McDonald's, which we heard had working wifi for its customers. I admit that I do not usually eat at McDonalds. But for $4 we got working Internet, electricity to charge our devices, bottomless icy cold drinks, and hot, salty French fries. Yep, we're lovin' it today!

We also managed to visit the Bonanza Freeze (tasty milkshakes), Christina's Cocina (yummy Mexican), and to top it all off, Dairy Queen (ice cream AND wifi). No sooner had Sierra finished her Oreo Blizzard than the manager wandered over with a free sundae!  Apparently we look hungrier than we thought!!

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