Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 26: Interstate 15 to Pipestone Pass (Highway 2)

After an early breakfast at Park & Main Cafe, we got a ride back to the trail. Full, happy, and relaxed, Sierra fell asleep in the car. 

Swallows swooped back and forth from nests underneath the nearby railroad trestle and freeway underpass. A pair of antelope bounded over the hill and out of sight, while a large herd of cattle from the nearby Curly Gulch Ranch placidly grazed next to the trail. 

As we passed the Burton Park Trailhead, we met a work crew preparing to clear the deadfall from this section of trail. We could hear the intermittent whine of their gas-powered chainsaws as we hiked. But, hiking ahead of the work crew, we still had to clamber over and around numerous dead trees. One of the many branches flipped up, ripped open my pants, and punctured my leg.

After the section of deadfall, we made good time on smooth trail through beautiful pine forest and rolling green and amber hills. 

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