Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 28: Back on the Map to Lowland Campground (Mile 2,600)

Fields of pea-sized hail lined the trail, remnants of last night's storm. 

Our trail joined the Nez Perce National Historic Trail by mid morning. Stopping for a short break, we heard a loud rumble like an oncoming train. We snatched up our gear and moved it back from the trail only moments before two dirt bikes blazed by, grinding wide tire tracks into the wet trail as they went. 

A hour or two later another loud roar warned me that the dirt bikes were returning. "Sierra, move!" I shouted, as a motor bike sped up behind her.  She scurried off the trail as the bike squealed to a stop, just inches from where her heels had just been.  

A sleek beaver tentatively peered up the trail before dashing across, with two other beavers close behind. 

Just after we passed under Interstate 15 (north of Butte), a bright red scooter pulled up and asked if we needed assistance. The local couple on the scooter were very familiar with the CDT, and spend time hiking the CDT in the Butte area each summer. A few miles later we met a local mountain biker cruising down the CDT on his pumpkin-colored Santa Cruz. 

The southbound CDT hikers have arrived!  We saw a solo hiker and a couple (Andy and Leah) on the trail, then met up with Action (PCT '12), Short Stack, Heartbreaker, and Hiker Box when we reached camp. Crosby wandered into camp a few hours later, having taken a wrong turn somewhere. Hiker midnight crept up on us while we were still talking, and we all scurried off to bed. 

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