Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 37: Dry Lake to Straight Creek

A deep chill settled over our camp in the night. Although golden rays of sun warmed the rocky mountain cliffs above, they could not penetrate the thick forest surrounding us. We bundled up in many layers and climbed toward the sun, enjoying breathtaking views from the ridge. 

We descended to a creek for lunch. Sierra discovered a natural log teeter totter in the forest. In my haste to get back on the trail, I accidentally kicked over our entire pot of cooked pasta, leaving me with no choice but to start over. As I was cooking our second lunch, a trio of hikers marched by: one CDT southbounder and two section hikers heading for Old Faithful. Later we met Patrick, his arrows and collapsible bow protruding from a side pack pocket. 

Dark clouds gathered. The rain, light and misting at first, turned to a steady drizzle that stopped only after we set up a rather damp, dismal camp in the midst of a large burn area. 

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